Nytwork, Inc.



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Sucuri, Inc.

Sucuri Alert


Website: nytwork.com
IP Address:
Reverse IP: projsend4.ru
Date/Time: February 3, 2023 8:10 pm


User authentication failed: cnnytwork

Explanation: Someone failed to login to your site. If you are getting too many of these messages, it is likely your site is under a password guessing brute-force attack [1]. You can disable the failed login alerts from here [2]. Alternatively, you can consider to install a firewall between your website and your visitors to filter out these and other attacks, take a look at Sucuri Firewall [3].

[1] https://kb.sucuri.net/definitions/attacks/brute-force/password-guessing
[2] https://nytwork.com/ninja/admin.php?page=sucuriscan_settings
[3] https://sucuri.net/website-firewall/

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